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Proofpoint Email Security and Protection Product Suite

Proofpoint Email Security and Protection helps secure and control your inbound and outbound email. It uses machine learning and multilayered detection techniques to identify and block malicious email. It also dynamically classifies today's threats and common nuisances. And it gives you granular control over a wide range of email. This includes imposter email, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail and more. It also offers complete flexibility with custom security policies and mail routing rules. It's also the most deployed email security solution by the Fortune 1000. And it scales for even the largest enterprise. What's more, it supports cloud, on-premises and hybrid installations.

Email is the number one threat vector, with 96% of suspicious social actions arriving through email.1 In addition to common email threats like phishing attacks and malware, emerging business email compromise (BEC) has posed a new threat to organizations. Email Security and Protection catches both known and unknown threats that others miss. By processing billions of messages each day, Proofpoint sees more threats, detects them faster and better protects you against hard-to-detect malware-less threats, such as impostor email. With Email Security and Protection, you can stop a vast majority of threats before they arrive in your user's inbox.

Get Started with a Demo

When you request a demo, you can map your social, mobile, and domain footprint to discover your brand-owned and fraudulent or unauthorised accounts.

detect advanced threats

Impostor email protection

Dynamically block non-malware threats (such as BEC) trying to trick your people into sending money and sensitive corporate data.

complete visibility

Granular control of unwanted email

Dynamically classify and quarantine email using seven unique categories

respond quickly

Business continuity

Maintain email communications if your on-premises or cloud-based email server fails.

Essentials for Small Business

Proofpoint Essentials is a cybersecurity platform that provides your SMB with enterprise-class protection, security awareness training, and visibility.

Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is the industry-leading email gateway, which can be deployed as a cloud service or on premises.

Email Fraud Defense

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense helps secure your email channel and restore trust to business communications.

Threat Response Auto-Pull

Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) enables messaging and security administrators to analyze emails and move malicious or unwanted emails to quarantine, after delivery.

Sendmail Open Source

The sendmail Sentrion platform is specifically designed for large, complex environments, but we make a subset of that solution available as an open-source offering.

Catch Emerging Threats That Others Miss

Detect phishing and impostor email

Email Protection detects emerging threats before they can get to your user's inbox. It utilizes NexusAI, our advanced machine learning technology. It accurately classifies various types of email and detects threats that don't involve malicious payload such as impostor email-also known as business email compromise (BEC). Proofpoint NexusAI assesses the reputation of the sender by analyzing multiple message attributes, including headers and content, across billions of messages. Along with this information, it develops a baseline by learning your organization's normal flow and aggregating other Proofpoint deployments. Having this baseline allows us to quickly spot and block email that falls outside of the norm, boosting its overall effectiveness. Rather than relying on updates, NexusAI learns in real time to better classify good and bad emails and reacts to changes in the attack tactics.

Everything we learn from NexusAI is then fed into the Proofpoint Nexus Threat Graph, which analyzes and correlates threat data across email, cloud, network and social from all of our customers, giving you the protection to stay ahead of the threat landscape.

Block malicious and unwanted email

We've built multilayered detection techniques into Email Protection to defend against constantly evolving threats. With signaturebased detection, it blocks known threats like viruses, trojan horses and ransomware. And it uses dynamic reputation analysis to continually assess local and global IP addresses to determine whether to accept email connections. Our unique email classifier also dynamically classifies a wide variety of emails. This includes impostor, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail, adult content and circle of trust. And it divides your incoming email into separate quarantines by types. Together, these features help protect you at the first signs of malicious activity.

Track Down Any Email in Seconds

Email Protection has the most powerful search capability. With the smart search feature, you can easily pinpoint hard-to-find log data based on dozens of search criteria. You can also swiftly trace where emails come from and go to. Email Protection provides you with granular details of search results, including metadata with over a hundred attributes. The search is complete in seconds, not minutes. And you can download and export your search results by up to one million records. Moreover, several real-time reports are built into the product, giving you the detailed visibility into mail flow and trends. With this data, you can proactively address issues as they emerge.

Scales for Large Enterprise with Complete Flexibility

Unlike other solutions, Email Protection supports the demands of the largest enterprises in the world. It allows you to create highly customizable email firewall rules at the global, group and user level. You can create any security policies and mail routing rules that fit your needs. And you can easily enforce them. Email Protection also provides the same benefits and greater flexibility with multiple deployment options. This includes on-premises hardware, virtual machine and SaaS.

Raise User Security Awareness

The email warning tag feature enables your users to make more informed decisions on the emails that fall into the gray area between clean and malicious. It surfaces a short description of the risk associated with a particular email. And it conveys the level of risk with different colors, which is easy to consume by your users. They can report suspicious email directly from the warning tag, even when they access email via mobile devices. This feature helps reduce the risk of potential compromise by making your users more cautious of uncertain email.

Email Protection also allows email admins to give users the ability to manage encrypted messages and low-priority emails like bulk mail, review quarantined messages and take actions directly in the Outlook task pane. Your user feedback is then transmitted to Proofpoint, and this helps us improve the global accuracy of bulk mail classification.

Centrally Manage across Email Encryption and DLP

You can easily extend your protection by adding Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, Email Fraud Defense, Email Encryption or Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP). While Email Protection provides you with basic email encryption and DLP capabilities, you can get more robust email encryption and DLP solutions through the same management console. This tight integration helps you manage sensitive data sent through email. It also prevents data leakage or data loss via email. And it satisfies several compliance requirements.

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