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Proofpoint Information Protection Product Suite

Data doesn't lose itself. It always involves a person. Proofpoint Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects your organization from the entire spectrum of people-centric data loss scenarios.

Given today's cybersecurity challenges, you need a better approach to enterprise DLP- one that is people-centric. That's because data loss originates with people. They can be negligent, they can be compromised by an external threat actor, or they can be malicious for financial or political gain.

Proofpoint Enterprise DLP brings together our market-leading DLP solutions for email, cloud and endpoint. It combines content, behavior and threat telemetry from these channels. This allows you to address the full spectrum of people-centric data-loss scenarios comprehensively.

Get Started with a Demo

When you request a demo, you can map your social, mobile, and domain footprint to discover your brand-owned and fraudulent or unauthorised accounts.

Complete visibility into your data

Complete visibility into your data

Dependable, automated content analysis tracks information across your SaaS apps and network.

Automated regulatory compliance

Automated regulatory compliance

Easily comply with data protection rules across a range of industries.

Cloud-based, fast time-to-value

Cloud-based, fast time-to-value

Our cloud platform can deploy in 90 minutes and yield benefits in 24 hours.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data doesn't lose itself. People lose it. That's why Proofpoint Endpoint DLP takes a modern, people-centric approach to protecting your data.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Proofpoint Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the only solution that brings context across content, behavior and threats together for people-centric insight into and prevention of data loss.

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Proofpoint Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) mitigates the risk of data breach via email.

Email Encryption

With Proofpoint Email Encryption, messages and attachments are automatically protected with complete transparency.

Data Discover

Proofpoint's Information Protection provides out-of-the-box visibility without the complexity and costs of legacy data protection tools. Get automated classification - all powered by our flexible, cloud-based platform.

ObserveIT Insider Threat Management

As the leading people-centric Insider Threat Management (ITM) solution, Proofpoint's ObserveIT ITM protects against data loss and brand damage involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently, or unknowingly.

Focus on Real Security and Compliance Issues

On average, it takes about 15 minutes to review an alert. This equates to 32 alerts if you have a fully dedicated person assigned to only review alerts.

Proofpoint adds both threat and behavior telemetry to content to determine intent and risk. Combining these into a modern timeline view helps you understand if the user that triggered the DLP alert is compromised, malicious or negligent.

Tackle All Your DLP Scenarios

Today, all data loss is inherently people-centric. Unfortunately, DLP solutions of the old world didn't have the telemetry and alerts looked the same. This relegated them to just a compliance checkbox.

With Proofpoint, your security and compliance teams can address the complete range of people-centric data loss scenarios. You can quickly understand and respond appropriately, whether you are dealing with compromised employee who's leaking your intellectual property or it's a false positive. And all with a single solution.

Easily Apply Common Classification

Our common DLP classification can be applied across channels. And it easily complies with data protection regulations.

For Proofpoint customers who are existing single-channel DLP users, the classifications can also be made common and extended to a new channel, such as cloud applications. This saves you time and removes administrative headache.

Make Faster Decisions

With our people-centric approach, you get a faster response and investigation time. And not only within your security and compliance teams, but also with legal and HR departments.

With our unified incident and investigations interface, your security and compliance teams can respond quickly. Since visibility anchors on the person, you can either shut down compromised cloud accounts or apply encryption to the email that triggered the policy.

What's more, your HR and legal teams can easily investigate the person at the center of the data loss.

Accelerate Your ROI

When all of these people-centric risk reduction and operational cost savings are combined, you get faster time to value with your enterprise DLP solution. This is something that wasn't possible with any previous generation of enterprise DLP solutions. This can be further realized optionally with Proofpoint's depth in implementation experience in DLP and the end user security awareness training modules on data loss.

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