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Proofpoint Products & Solutions
Stop ransomware, phishing, spoofing, fraud and other attacks.


Proofpoint gives you protection and visibility for your greatest cybersecurity risk-your people.

We provide the most effective cybersecurity and compliance solutions to protect people on every channel including email, the web, the cloud, social media and mobile messaging.

Proofpoint Threat Protection

Threat Protection

Defend your #1 threat vector, stopping malware, credential phishing, and impersonation across email, cloud and mobile messaging. Orchestrate responses to detected attacks and get actionable intelligence on who your Very Attacked People (VAPs) are.

Proofpoint Information Protection

Information Protection

Get visibility into where your sensitive data is exposed across email and the cloud. Lock down access to files in the cloud, prevent data loss, and archive email and other communications to stay compliant.

Proofpoint User Protection

User Protection

Educate your people and reduce risk with advanced threat simulations and cybersecurity awareness training. Protect them across personal webmail and web browsing.

Proofpoint Ecosystem Protection

Ecosystem Protection

Secure the digital channels you don't own. Block imposter attacks and malicious content that uses trusted and lookalike email domains, web domains, and social media handles.

Email Security and Protection

Proofpoint Essentials helps you manage and secure data to stay compliant, forgo storage limitations, and reduce storage and management costs. Get all the benefits and flexibility of an enterprise-class email archive solution built and priced for small and mid-size enterprises.


Proofpoint Essentials for Small Business

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are targeted with the same attacks as large enterprises. Proofpoint Essentials provides you with enterprise-class, people-centric protection and visibility. And it gives you a modern, simplified management experience.

Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

Stop threats before they reach your people and respond quickly when things go wrong. Our innovative solutions prevent, detect, and notify you of advanced threats - through email, mobile, social, and the desktop - and help you resolve them before they cause lasting harm.

Security Awareness Training

The vast majority of today's threats require humans to activate them. Ensure your users know what to do when faced with a real threat by providing them with targeted education. Our unique people-centric approach can reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
Proofpoint Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud apps are changing the way people collaborate and run their businesses. But this new architecture introduces new security risks. With Proofpoint Cloud Security solutions, you can detect, investigate, and defend against cybercriminals accessing your sensitive data and trusted accounts.

Archiving and Compliance

Proofpoint's Compliance and Archiving Services provides a team of experts to help you navigate the ever-changing compliance and archiving landscape. We partner with you to help you develop and implement solutions to help you reduce risks, simplify your workflow and meet your business objectives.

Proofpoint Archiving and Compliance
Proofpoint Information Protection

Information Protection

Proofpoint's Information Protection provides out-of-the-box visibility without the complexity and costs of legacy data protection tools. Easily manage sensitive data in motion (as it's sent via email), prevent data exposure and inappropriate access to data (in SaaS applications), and visualize data at rest (stored on-premises).

Digital Risk Protection

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures your brand and customers against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep and dark web. It's the only solution that gives you a holistic defense for all your digital engagement channels.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection
Proofpoint Premium Security Services

Premium Security Services

Provide a force multiplier to your team. Leverage best practices and industry knowledge. Optimize your systems and response to threats. Deliver on the promise of a people-centric security strategy.

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